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Information about Vendetta Games

The Vendetta Games team consists of diverse and experienced professionals from different walks of life, all with one vision - to make Web 3 games better than ever through continuous AI advancements and strategic partnerships, all while being set in the booming genre of the Wild West.
Our team covers a broad spectrum of specializations, having skill sets across building 3D games, creating metaverses and metaverse assets, building P2E communities, managing gaming communities, building relationships with Web 3 projects and buying/selling a large number of NFT assets, creating DEX’s, Managing Web 3 businesses and Metaverse projects.
The idea of Vendetta Games came from creating something much greater than just another P2E game. The Vendetta team came together through a mutual passion for solving the current issues that many P2E games face, including high barriers to entry, inflation, stagflation and deflation. With this in mind, the team has set out to create a fully-fledged, multi-chain ecosystem which looks to add value to all of our stakeholders including our community, scholars and investors thanks to our multiple revenue stream approach.
What brings everything together and is the “cherry on top” is that our ecosystem is AI-powered and Social-fi-centric - meaning that the gameplay is evolving on a continuous basis, keeping the community active and in the loops of the latest trends.