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$VDT Token

The Vendetta token, $VDT, stands as the core driver of the Vendetta ecosystem, serving as both the in-game currency and a key utility asset for holders. The pre-sale and public sale proceeds of these tokens contribute significant early capital to the ecosystem. The $VDT token operates within the game through staking pools, rewards payouts to scholars, and circular economic models, ensuring its growth while serving as the central in-game currency.

Technical Aspects

  • Token Symbol: $VDT
  • Initial Supply: 3 million
  • Maximum supply: 100 million
  • Token Standard: Ethereum, Polygon

Token Utility and Benefits:

For Gamers:
In-Game Currency: $VDT serves as the primary currency for Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming and facilitates commerce within the ecosystem, enabling seamless transactions and trade within the game environment.
Scholar Rewards: Scholars within the ecosystem are rewarded using $VDT, encouraging active participation and contributions, thereby fostering engagement and growth within the gaming community.
Staking Pools: Players have the opportunity to stake $VDT, enabling them to earn additional rewards and participate in the ecosystem's economy.
For Investors:
Continuous Revenue Stream: The $VDT token contributes to consistent revenue streams for various segments of the ecosystem, including Vendetta Games,, and the Chalk River Metaverse, offering investment opportunities and promoting ecosystem sustainability.

Allocation Breakdown

An extensive distribution plan is in place, delineating the allocation of $VDT tokens:
Angel: 5% (5,000,000)
Seed: 5% (5,000,000)
Private: 5% (5,000,000)
Strategic: 4% (4,000,000)
Public: 5% (5,000,000)
Team: 15% (15,000,000)
Advisory: 5% (5,000,000)
Development: 5% (5,000,000)
Liquidity: 10% (10,000,000)
Reserve: 5% (5,000,000)
Marketing: 5% (5,000,000)
KOLs: 1% (1,000,000)
In-Game: 10% (10,000,000)